Monday, October 15, 2018

Parthenon Huxley - This Is The One

As pop music morphs and see-saws through different styles every few years, Parthenon Huxley continues to do his thing, his way.

Over a span of nine albums it's now abundantly clear that catchy songs built on sing-along melodies, guitar hooks galore and real life-inspired lyrics are what Huxley was born to write.
His latest album, This Is The One, may be his best yet.

"I occasionally get the itch to follow the latest computer-based trend," says Huxley, "but it never lasts. I came up when making records was an exotic business run by professionals. I'll always record with live musicians in real studios on the best equipment. I'm rarely fashionable, but my catalogue is pretty consistent."

Start with: Song For James, Off We Go, This Is The One, Running Home To You

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