Friday, May 27, 2016

The Feeling - The Feeling

Do you remember The Feeling? Ten years ago their debut "Twelve Stops And Home" was not just a quite successful album (No. 2 in the UK charts!) it was also REALLY good!
Sadly their success declined with every following album (I also lost track with them).

Now - 10 years later - The Feeling is back with the fifth - self-titled - album. A record I didn't expect to leave any impact on me. Boy I was wrong!

Instruction Manual for the record "The Feeling":
1) Check your pulse. 
2) Find a source to listen to the record in full (Spotify, Apple Music, Google Music ... or if you're as old as me: buy it on CD or Vinyl)!
3) Turn the volume UP (you know how far you can go, do you?)! Alternative: Headphones!
4) Use this track list: Feel Something // Wicked Heart // Spiralling // Real Deal // Repeat To Fade // Let It Be Gone // What's The Secret? // Sleep Tight
5) Check your pulse. Has it changed?


  1. They've recently been touring opening for ELO. I had never heard of them before I went to the show but I gave them a chance. The lead singer has got the cocky yet humble "rock star" act down solid. As such, it very much came across as an act and his stage persona did not seem very warm or genuine. But, VERY GOOD power-pop! I guess they never got much notice outside the UK, which is a shame. Still, despite a good performance, I'd already forgotten about them by the time ELO finished their set. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. First two albums? Absolutely fantastic 70s (10cc, Supertramp, Queen... Jellyfish) influenced pop. The rest? Coldplay-lite-lite-lite.