Saturday, March 28, 2015

+ + + New Music - March 2015 + + +

Tracy Bonham - Wax & Gold

The very successful pledge music campaign for the newest record of Mrs. Bonham is over. The album Wax & Gold will have an official release likely later this year.
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Ben Lee - Love Is The Great Rebellion

After many years being an independent artist Ben Lee got a major record deal and has signed to Warner Bros Records. The new record Love is the Great Rebellion is out June 2, 2015, the first single Big Love will be released on Record Store Day (April 18, 2015).

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The Lilac Time - No Sad Songs

A prose-poem, which Stephen Duffy composed especially for the release of the new and ninth album by his band The Lilac Time, contains the lines: "I was a flower child, now I'm a flower man." It took a long time before one became the other. When viewed from space, Stephen Duffy's path may well appear labyrinthine, filled with loopholes and trapdoors. Yet a sober perspective reveals path of a musician and poet who is independent in the very best sense of the word.

No Sad Songs is out April 03, 2015 on Tapete Records.

The Darkness - Last Of Our Kind

I know, this is not Power Pop at all - but I love it: The Darkness will release their fourth album June 6, 2015.

Last of Our Kind is a collection of 10 magnificent songs that The Darkness are extremely proud of. It is the best rock album you will hear this year. It is the best rock album you will hear until next time The Darkness makes an album. I should know. I’m the singer.” – Justin Hawkins

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