Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bobby Emmett - Learning Love

Sometimes you discover a record which comes out of the blue and you have the feeling you know it already for years. Or at least you SHOULD.

Learning Love from the Detroit based Bobby Emmett is exactly this kind of record. After three LPs as a member of The Sights this was his debut solo record - released in 2010.

With a length of just 33 minutes it contains 10 tracks of intense Rock 'n' Roll and PowerPop.

The opener Queen Of Hearts is the perfect outlook of what you can expect from the LP: rough guitars, claps, and an extremely 70s vibe!

Still Want To Be With You may be the catchiest tune I listened to for months! This is maybe my personal highlight of the record.

Broken Hearted would be a perfect radio song - in a good way.

Songs like Not Gonna Take It. (pure rock!) or the Lennonesque Never Waited So Long should not be missed!

It's just a shame it's not available on CD or digital anymore (the only way to find samples was on Myspace - MYSPACE! - Does anybody remember Myspace?).
If you have the chance to get this on CD - buy it! No, buy two (one for me)!

I highly recommend the record if you like: Brendan Benson, Big Star ... or haunting melodies that get stuck in your head.


  1. Been trying to get a copy of this for ages with no luck. If anyone has a link where you can get it please pass on.

  2. Sadly it's not available anywhere these days. Try to contact him directly via Facebook.