Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mike Viola: Blue Thumb album on vinyl & StageIt online shows

The Blue Thumb album on vinyl

The long lost Blue Thumb album of The Candy Butchers will be released by Mike Viola this Christmas.

It'll likely include the album on vinyl, a CDR and also bonus tracks. Stay tuned!

Some words of its development and the sad end of the project:

After the recording was finished the album was mixed and re-mixed several times and a potential single pulled and mixed by Bob Clearmountain. Lots of money was spent. Sadly, Blue Thumb went belly up (“it wasn’t our fault!”) and the Candy Butchers debut album was never released.
Our manager shopped the finished record around but we had amassed such a debt from all the re-mixing (a decision made by the powers that had been) nobody wanted to sign us cause they’d be taking on all this debt. It was crazy. I was sitting on this record that was basically my life’s work up to that point. Knowing in the back of my mind it would never be released. 

StageIt shows - Notes from the Underground

If you never had the chance to see Mike Viola live, here's the closest thing to a live gig: StageIt. Five shows ("Notes from the Underground") were scheduled, two of them are already over. You can pay what you can for it. Each of them lasts about 50 minutes. It's worth every penny you can spend!

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